December 26, 2008

Well here it is, the first LifeSpring Blog posting.
I am here in North Carolina visiting my wife's and my families for the Christmas holidays. As I sit in a bedroom that my brother and I shared for many years (until I got in Junior High School and was promoted to the "visitors bedroom", so we both could have separate bedrooms...which cut down on the pro wrestling training camps that my brother & I held regularly in the bedroom we shared), it just seems DIFFERENT. Even driving around town, the old stores I remember visiting in and looking in the windows of are now replaced by new modern "flashy" stores. Here is a question...think back to your early childhood...what could you get for a quarter? I remember that you could get 2-packs of baseball cards with gum, and a nickle back....or you could get 2-big "charms" red, green or blue suckers and a nickle back...or for $.15 you could get a small "orange aid" from the drug store soda shop....
My point, things change. Buildings change, owners change, people change, the economy changes, things just don't stay the same....

Except for one thing...God. God is the same God that created all things including Adam & Eve, my grandpa, and my children. God is the same. Consistent. True. Unfailing. Everlasting.

My hope and prayers as LifeSpring goes through the "changes" of time and life, that as a body of followers of Jesus, we will always live out our connection to that unchanging, unfailing, consistent, everlasting God of old.

Love ya,
The Preacherman


  1. Greg, you did a great job with the logo animation!

  2. Thanks, I was using an older version of Paint Shop so the graphics aren't all that great but it worked.