March 12, 2009

UNLEASHED conference a success in my life

Today, I participated in a conference for church leaders called UNLEASHED, sponsored by NewSpring Church in Anderson,  South Carolina.  There were over 3500 people in attendance, and get this, over 500 volunteers serving to make this event a success.  I can't tell you how overwhelming God's Spirit was through out the day in the things that I heard, saw, felt, and was a part of.  

I have much to blog about over the next several days, and look forward to sharing with you after I "Digest" what I have received from God through UNLEASHED.  But before I "lay me down to sleep..."   I wanted to let you see a quote from the conference that is "sounding in my head" and "ringing in my heart"... "When a pastor gets fire INSIDE of him...then fire will come OUT of Him!"  I'm praying for Jesus to continually set me on fire for his service... would you do that for me as well?  Thanks, I needed that! 

I also had a friend of mine who said he was going to help me be a better blogger by personally teaching me some things that will improve this blogging site as well as helping me to understand blogging in more detail...THANKS JOSH.  

I look forward to a good night sleep and my prayers are already going out to my college friends who are heading to spring break... You are not alone... 

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