April 14, 2009

Don't Even Think About It!

I saw this sign the other day and was blown away.    I laughed at first and then thought, “How witty, someone is making a point about parking here and that sign is going to get everyone’s attention…and it will probably ‘tick’ somebody off”


Then I thought about a church I once attended.  There were members there who would have loved to have a sign like this put in their pew that would read in big, red letters, “don’t even think about sitting in my seat”.    And do you know what, they wouldn’t CARE if they ticked someone off in the process.  As long as they had their seat, in their spot, on their pew they could “worship God” freely (I guess they were taught that God takes attendance for worship services by seating assignments, and if you are not in your assigned seat…the right seat, God may count you as absent that day)



I’m excited and encouraged when I see people at LifeSpring… slide over, and give someone their seat at our worship service.  It’s like they’re saying, “Don’t even think of sitting somewhere else!!! Here you go, take my seat right here so you can see better, I’ve already got it warmed up for you.“


You know, that’s one of the small sacrificial things we need to be doing in the world today to “get everyone’s attention” so people will feel welcomed.  Why don’t you try offering your seat to someone and see what happens…


Let’s do life together 

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