August 22, 2010

Sunday Night Musings

A few random thoughts on a terrific day at LifeSpring Church

- Today was the first day @ LifeSpring Church for our new worship team and new worship leader, Rebecca Shealy. They were AWESOME and brought their A-game today. They say they were a little nervous, but I couldn’t tell. I am really FIRED UP about what God is going to do through them each week! I can’t wait for our next week’s service!

- Several more people signed up for LifeGroups this morning. I am so glad we are able to offer a LifeGroup in both Statesboro and Brooklet. This should help ease some of the time constraints for our participants.

- We had one of our biggest crowds in the children and nursery areas today. And Katie’s teams were READY. It is such a blessing to parents of small children to be able to leave their child in a safe, loving, and encouraging place while they are in worship. And we certainly have that at LifeSpring Church.

- I think Jesus was pleased with many people today who are committing to be Bought In and Sold Out for Jesus over the next 40 days.

- I have been reflecting today on a couple of comments that I made this morning in the worship service. God is still working on me about the change I need in my life.

o The American church has abandoned the most simple and obvious truth of what it means to follow Jesus: You actually follow His pattern of life. Francis Chan

o We Love the idea of following Jesus until it disrupts OUR plans and OUR dreams…

o We all want to be changed, but we don’t want to change.

o I believe Jesus is saying to us; “Don’t try to change Me… when you deny yourself, pick up God’s will, and follow my example, THEN I can change you! And then you can join me in changing the world.”

o Who do you say Jesus Is? Our answer to this question is so important, because it sets the foundation of how we live our life day to day.

- We will start planning our first “tail-gate baptism” this week. This service will be TOTS OFF THE CHAIN. We currently have 2 people lined up to be baptized that day (Sept. 12th) and I expect more to join them.

- I exercised early this morning before I got ready for church. I have been preaching for more than 12 years and have NEVER done that before. But that high school reunion is only 40 days away… & I need some PHYSICAL change before then.

Peace-out & Love all


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