November 17, 2011

Money Mistakes

If you haven't heard yet, our Church has started a new series about becoming Balanced in our finances. The more we dig into it together, the more we realize that we all have something that we're struggling with financially; whether that be trying to make ends meet from week to week or trying to get out of debt that we're in.

The good news is, you are NOT alone! We all have something that we're struggling with in this area. We are trying to bring those things to the surface, seek after the Lord for His guidance & find ways that we can honor Him with our money.

One of the things we discussed this past Sunday was knowing where we are. We need to know where we are currently sitting in our finances before we can make any changes. This requires us to be:
  • Honest with ourselves
  • Honest with God
  • Honest with each other
This also requires a certain level of vulnerability in admitting our mistakes and shortcomings. But we can't move forward to action into where we want to be until we come to terms with where we have been and where we are.

Perry Noble is the pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina and has written a few blogs on his past financial struggles. He openly shares his failures and how he overcame them. Go check them out and see if you can relate in anyway. I know I sure can!

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