January 16, 2009



LifeSpring, the church I pastor at, had our first preview worship service this past weekend and it was AWESOME.  A lot of great volunteers put together a wonderful worship experience. 


108 people were in attendance and each one seemed to have a great time.  We provided refreshments and fellowship prior to the start of the service. 


Jeffery May, our worship leader, pulled together one of the greatest groups of musicians in the area.  They provided some upbeat worship songs that had the place “ROCKING”.    The worship team played “Awesome is the Lord Most High”, “Let Me Sing”, “Glorious One” and later “Mighty To Save”. 


The message a part of a sermon series based on the 24 series staring Keifer Southerland on Fox.  I spoke on what we do in the 1st hour of our mornings.  We listed many things (Shower, brush teeth, the bathroom things, dry hair, etc.) and then we talked about how to integrate God into the beginning of our day. 


I referred to Psalm 5:3in the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my request before you and wait in expectation”

I challenged people to incorporate in their morning routine the following:

1)  Pray to God

a.   Give to God

                                              i.     Thanks (Name the things that I am thankful for)

                                            ii.     My Love (Tell God “I love you” and why)

b.   Ask God for

                                              i.     Forgiveness from (Name the things I need forgiveness from)

                                            ii.     My Daily Needs (Name my Daily Needs)


2)  Read Scriptures: (Read the passage 3 times slowly)

a.   Read Colossians 3:23&24

                                              i.     Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

3)  Reflect (Think about it)

a.   What does this Scripture mean about God?

b.   What does this Scripture mean to me?

c.    What does this Scripture have to do with my family?

d.   What does this Scripture have to do with my community?


I then told them about a tool that was guaranteed to help them to do this with each morning without taking more time from their already busy schedule….


I introduced them to the LifeSpring Shower Buddy!


This looks like a plastic sheet protector (that is what it starts out as), but once we put the reminder list of the daily things we want to do in the morning listed above, the plastic sheet protector becomes the LifeSpring Shower Buddy!


The LifeSpring Shower Buddy can be taped up in your shower, on the mirror in the bathroom and even placed on your refrigerator door.   As we go through our regular morning routines, we just look at the LifeSpring Shower Buddy to provide us with the things we need to be 1) praying about 2) reading scriptures about & 3) reflecting on the scriptures before we start the day. 


We still have extra LifeSpring Shower Buddies  available if you would like one.  We will be making more “INSERTS”, with different scriptures to reflect on, available on this blog or our website ( later on this week. 


Email me with your address if you would like a free LifeSpring Shower Buddy


For those of you who are using your new  LifeSpring Shower Buddy let me know how it is working.


I would also like to hear back from those who attended this first Monthly worship service.  Tell me what you liked, disliked, was missing, and what was misunderstood.


More to come later…but it’s late

Love to all



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