October 2, 2010

Attitude Reflects Leadership

Ok, so now I’m watching all my favorite clips from Remember the Titans and I am getting ALL FIRED UP!

Today I was watching the clip where Gerry Bertier (played by Ryan Hurst) and Julius Campbell (played by Wood Harris) have, well let’s say it’s a coming together of the minds.

Take a look at the clip here….

First of all, both Gerry and Julius are extremely exhausted, basically because they have not been working together as the leaders of the Titans team to get their teammates to perform to the best of their abilities.  So, the coach has the entire team doing 3 practices a day.  Being an ex-football player and coach, that makes me sweat just typing the words “3-a-day practices.”

Gerry is trying to blame it all on Julius who isn’t doing his assignment.  He is trying to “blow right past ‘em” and is taking the bait of the other team and when he does, he leaves Gerry and the rest of his teammates “hanging out to dry.”

Julius on the other hand is questioning Gerry’s leadership as he is allowing half-hearted effort from his teammates (including from Gerry himself) all because Gerry and some of the teammates don’t like or respect the other teammates. Then he says the crushing line that every leader of a team would hate to hear, “I’m suppose to wear myself out for the team?!   What team?”  Julius is saying that we may look like a team, but we certainly aren’t acting like one.

And finally, Julius delivers the knock out blow that actually stuns both the sender and the receiver…”Attitude reflects leadership.”

The attitude of the team reflects the leadership of the team.

As individual leaders serving on the Leadership Team of LifeSpring Church or as leaders of other ministries in our church, or as leaders in other churches who are also working to expand the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, what attitude are you INTENDING to project to others and what attitudes are being PERCEIVED by those who you are leading?

Are you stepping up to the tough challenges that exist within the church and that exist outside the church and face them head on with the ATTITUDE of EXCELLENCE that  “We are fighting to expand God’s Kingdom, what’s the problem here, have you lost focus of the importance of that!”  It should be more than the exhaustion of the “3-a-day practices” that is driving our ATTITUDE of EXCELLENCE in what we are doing as the leaders of the church.  It should be that people’s LIVES are hanging in the balance of our actions that drives our ATTITUDE of EXCELLENCE!

Remember what Julius said… “Attitude reflects leadership, Captain”

I love you guys.

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