November 18, 2009

Dorsia's thoughts on Mark 1

Here are some “Bullet Points” that stuck out to me in my readings of Mark Chapter 1

- The Kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news…SO, I guess that the good news of God is “THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NEAR” and that we must “repent” to “believe” this good news

- And what’s up with the camel hair clothing, leather belt, and eating locusts and wild honey….WELL, check out 2 Kings 1:8 and see how the great prophet Elijah was described…

- Vs. 38, Jesus says that the reason he has come is so he can “PREACH” in nearby villages too…even though he was teaching and healing people where he was….

- In vs. 14-20, Jesus invites Andrew, Simon, James, & John to follow him…and they drop what they are doing, and follow him… obey his invitation…

In Vs. 25, Jesus commands an evil spirit to come out of a man…and the evil spirit does what Jesus says… obeys his commands…

Yet in Vs 43-45 Jesus gives a “strong warning” to a many he has just healed from leprosy, and tell him not to tell anyone…but the man DISOBEYS and tells others, spreading the news…

My question is this…why do evil spirits obey Jesus, some men obey Jesus, yet other men don’t?

- Vs. 35. Even after a busy day of teaching, healing, and casting out demons (vs. 21-31) and an even busier night of work (vs. 32-24), rather than sleeping in and catching up on his sleep…Jesus was up before sunrise to be alone with God to pray…I think this is a good example of someone “practicing what they preach” …Maybe I should do the same


  1. I did a lot of referencing.
    Baptism is the physical and visual form of repentance for the forgiveness of a person's sin. John baptized by water; Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Baptism with the H.S.(Holy Spirit) dwells in the believer, empowers them to witness to someone, and helps to live a Holier life.

    Jesus walked a long the Sea of Galilea and asks Simon, Andrew, James and John to follow him. They were completely committed after knowing Jesus' power and teachings. They had faith in knowing his true identity and and earthly mission for the world no matter where it would take them. In the bible, it says that the people he taught were amazed about how he spoke. Spoke the voice of authority.
    I feel that before I can walk with Jesus I have to repent for my sins and understand what the full baptism means to me. I also have to understand that with obedience to the Lord there comes blind obedience and faith. For blind obedience, I may not know who, what, when, where, or how a situation is supposed to happen, but I need to be aware of what is going on at the time. For faith, I go in confidence because I know what the Lord has done for me and where ever he takes me, it is for a specific reason. Faith enables me to see what can not be seen, but blind obedience does not enable me to see anything.

  2. I like your comments on baptism.

    You mentioned that you felt you needed to "repent for my sins" before you could walk with Jesus. I think that it is after we are walking with Jesus that we feel the need to "repent of our sins". The presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit helps to guide and lead us away from sin...and leads us to repent of our sins...

    Good post Girl!