November 19, 2009

Mark Chapter3 notes

Mark Chapter 3 notes:

Jesus keeps doing good stuff (healing, casting out demons, etc.) that ticks off the established religious structure of the time. Healing a person of a “shriveled hand” # 1 in the synagogue, #2 on the Sabbath, & #3 this isn’t the first time it’s happened…

- Vs. 5…Jesus gets angry at those religious leaders (or whoever he was asking the question to in vs. 4) for remaining silent. Jesus distressed at their “stubborn hearts”…what were they being stubborn about? It is almost as if Jesus is saying that, Hey…which is lawful on the Sabbath, to do good, or to do evil…to save life or to kill?... you know, doing nothing, when you have the ability to do good….is the same as doing evil… I would say that Jesus doesn’t like complacency…

- Jesus actions were causing him to become more popular with those who need healing …a change. People were coming to him now

- Vs. 21 states that Jesus family though he was crazy for doing what he was doing… Doing good in this world (rather than evil) makes you look like your crazy….at least in the worlds eyes…

- A lot of people following him…but Jesus only chose a few to be apostles….to be sent out and preach and have authority to drive out demons

- Doing Jesus Will (Vs. 34-35) makes us a part of his family

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